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Why we need your donation

Since its foundation in April, 2013 AfD had many successes. Our elected politicians work in the European Parliament and almost all Parliaments of the Länder.

The same holds true for many urban Parliaments. Our themes get a wide echo in public. Be it the wrong political actions to save the Euro, strong regulation of immigration like in Canada or speeding-up the procedures for granting asylum: the old parties already use our propositions for themselves. AfD takes effect.
Nevertheless, the chances for the old parties and AfD are not yet equal.

We urgently need the financial support of the citizens. Only with your support, we will get the chance for change.

We are very happy about every donation, which helps us to do our political work.

Governmental promotion of your willingness to donate

As of § 34g EStG, for donations you get a reduction on the taxes. 50% of the donation can be subtracted from the tax to be payed, maximum of 835 Euro (in case of a total donation of 1650 Euro). If you are married, the amount doubles